With competence and passion

Aerial photography

We photograph and film on the ground and in the air, where we have two certified high-end drones available for the various applications (I-III).

Parts of the airspace (airports, nature reserves, military areas) are subject to flight restrictions requiring additional – sometimes paid – flight permissions, which in any case can only be obtained for uLFZ in the corresponding category.

We take care of the permit, for which a waiting time of up to 2 weeks can be expected. Timely planning and consultation are therefore the perfect start for any drone flight project!


Image film & video

From the concept to the finished cut and dubbed film from a single source: We film on the ground with the latest gimbal technology and from the air in 4 k quality. Our small quadrocopter can also be used in large rooms, which makes possible breathtaking perspectives.
As a creative team with advertising competence, we understand your concerns and turn them into a meaningful movie which receives maximum attention thanks to its aerial shots.

Photography - Concept - Direction - VideoWe get things going

Basics for renderers

At the desired height, we take pictures of the city or landscape spaces into which the future object is to be embedded, thus providing the basis for any meaningful rendering.

Photos at the desired height (up to 150m above ground) and viewing direction

Top Skill: Post Production

The perfect post-processing and image processing is one of our top skills. If you have any doubts left, you can ask us for before-and-after example pictures!

Perfection and aesthetics from the start of the shooting to the finished photograph