We shoot and film on the ground and in the air with two high-end drones and homologation for flights over densely populated areas up to operation area III. As perfectionists, we place the highest quality demands on our work. All delivered pictures/videos go through a professional post production.

The successful architectural photographer Romana Fürnkranz brings along a useful past life: The Viennese is ’akad.gepr.Werbekauffrau’ with several years of agency experience and was a PR-woman, author, journalist and senior editor, before she got mesmerised by the art of photography. In short, a photographer with a head and added value, who not only brings an eye for the picture but also the competence for concept and directing. In addition, she is a post-producer with an unerring instinct for image optimization – benefiting her artistic streak (painting and sculpting).


I envy her for her artistic and aesthetic photography and her enormous sense for design. I also admire her courage, her spontaneity, her ambition, her urge for perfection and her determination.

If she had a motto, it would definitely be ’everything is possible’.

The photographer and drone pilot Christoph Bertos can draw on the know-how of a technical profession where he enjoyed an excellent reputation due to his competence and reliability both as a master car body technician and as an automotive insurance expert. His enthusiasm for aviation began early – no sooner had he been able to walk than he built aircraft that were larger than himself.  As a gifted technician, he is responsible for safety around the flight. Not only does he care about the perfect condition of the extensive equipment, he is also the expert of the team in all legal matters. The enthusiastic cineast flies with a flair for impressive film sequences.


He’s a really amazing mix of a perfectionistic freak and a highly sensitive feeling person. Even the most unruly technique gives in when Christoph works with it. In addition, he is our homo juridicus who not only knows the letters of the law but also pays close attention to them. Christoph has a completely unmistakable, almost terrifying look for detail that does not miss anything.

„Mr.Perfect“ also has humor and acting talents that provide the atmosphere at work.

In Austria, due to the strict drone laws, only a few multicopters are approved for use over densely populated areas, but most of them are used for purposes other than photographic purposes and are scattered throughout Germany. We are proud to be among a handpicked elite of drone photographers working with high end copters, including a Category C multicopter for use over densely populated areas, to live up to your highest demands.

In Vienna, we are the only professional photography team operating a multicopter for use in urban areas.


Austro Control certified for Category A, operation area I and equipped with a high-resolution Hasselblad camera. The small, manoeuvrable professional drone delivers outstanding images, videos in 4K quality and fascinating self-directed composing such as 360° panoramas and „Little World“ spheres. It can be used for landscapes and freestanding buildings as well as in rooms, where it allows film inserts without elaborate rail buildings.


Fully redundant category C multicopter under 5 kg for area III. If you want to fly a drone over densely populated areas in Austria, you will not find a ready-made multicopter that meets all requirements. Either a purchased drone has to be rebuilt and equipped with additional redundant systems (which usually exceeds the maximum permissible weight of 5 kg) – or a completely new multicopter has to be built.

We decided to do the latter. After extensive research we found the drone manufacturer of our trust, Stefan Riener from Linz. The handcrafted Octocopter wears a gimbal with a proven Zenmus camera and delivers high-resolution images and videos in 4K quality.