CCC  – The only professional team in Vienna

We work on the solid foundation of years of experience in architectural photography – a supreme discipline of photography. The decision to work with drones came from our aspiration to constantly evolve and to deliver always the most up to date technology.

Drone photography in Austria is subject to the strictest conditions, and it therefore requires extensive preparations in order to be able to practice it commercially, and above all within the framework of aviation laws and Austro Control requirements – especially in densely populated areas / cities.

We are equipped with high–end drones and all the necessary certificates, permits and insurance to film and photograph in the air under legal conditions at any point in the country, though additional exemptions are required in some limited airspaces (such as airports, nature reserves).

We are currently the only professional photography team in the room, according to the AC list Vienna, which has a C-Copter with operating license for use in urban areas.

Beyond these legal foundations, the actual value of a picture is reflected in the professionalism of post–processing.

Post Poduction is one of our distinct strengths, which is particularly appreciated by our demanding clients in the field of architecture and construction. Our extensive architectural portfolio can be found at

A professional picture without post production is like a car without paint…