The little jack–of–all–trades

DJI Mavic 2 Pro – the sleek little quadrocopter with Hasselblad cam on board is one hell of a guy with fantastic flight characteristics and sophisticated programs that deliver intriguing stuff like 360° panoramas or „Little World“ balls on–the–fly and provide independent film sequences with precise self–directed trajectory. It is no coincidence that the little camera has a big name. The pictures and videos in professional 4k quality are impressive and are in no way inferior to a full–frame picture! The only catch: the drone is not redundant and therefore approved by the Austro Control – as all quadrocopters – only as uLFZ category A.

In plain English: only suitable for uninhabited areas. On detached buildings it  can play all its magical tricks … Of course, our certified quadrocopter  has a referene number and is insured.

The flying drudge

If you intend to fly with a drone over Vienna or other densely populated areas (operational area III), you need a fully redundant category C hexacopter or octocopter, which must not exceed a weight of 5 kg, including a valid remote pilot license and appropriate suitability certificate and its elementary operating systems must each be twice redundant. Sounds uncomplicated but basically means: the requirements for C drones in Austria are so demanding that nowhere in the world is a finished copter produced that meets all requirements.

In Austria, approved C–drones must therefore be elaborately crafted by hand. During the production phase of our Octocopter Safety 8 we kept in close contact with the drone manufacturer of our confidence for months, watching in fascination as he cut high–precision parts out of a piece of aircraft aluminum or carbon, titanium and other lightweight materials, soldered complicated circuits and kept track of the complex structure.

Anyone who is used to jumping out of the car and quickly sending a small quadcopter into the air will be amazed at the procedures that are necessary to get even the propellers of the relatively powerful Octocopter running.

The flying characteristics of the monster require the full concentration of the pilot, which is why multicopters of this type always have to be operated by both a pilot and photographer.

Its extra battery packs are stored in explosion–proof containers for a reason – those who do not pay attention when connecting the batteries risk a sometimes destructive spark. It’s a different league of aircraft than the countless drones that are now found in many modern–day households. It enables safe flying that can withstand even the failure of individual systems and propellers without a crash.

For the ascent in restricted flight areas (such as entry lanes of airports) an additional, usually paid, permit is also required for category C drones.

Multiple redundant octocopter Safety 8

Gimbal with Zenmuse in 4K quality