Good is not enough

A carefully created photo is only the basis for the finished picture. We do not provide outof-camera photos and uncut footage only on explicit customer request.

Our mission is to deliver a picture that comes as close to perfection as possible. This requires two things: patience and flexibility to work in a fair light condition – and a lot of time and ambition in post production … the result counts.

Post Production – this is where quality is presented

Photographers,  who do not want to deal with the efforts of image editing, still claim today: you do not have to edit a good photograph.

We know from experience: a perfect picture emerges from a good photograph that has been edited ambitiously. This applies even more to aerial photography than to conventional photography.

The reason is simple: cameras record the reality relentlessly and without mercy. The human sense of sight differs completely. It filters, assesses according to empirical values and perceives completely selectively.

A typical example in the field of drones: what the human perceives from the ground as magnificent, perfect, lush green lawns transforms on the aerial view to a patchy meadow with molehills, weeds and the irregular lines drawn by a lawnmower.

A building cannot be beautiful enough. If it is surrounded by a „flawed“ lawn, it creates a crude, disharmonious overall impression. So too, additional elements such as satellite dishes, power lines, stains in the asphalt or a neighboring trash can on the edge of the picture are unnecessary. On the ground, the human eye would have graciously hidden many of these things – the camera does not.

With drone photos it can come to desired, but also unwanted perspective distortions. Of course, the removal of any unsightly distortion is one of our first steps in post-production.

(We are always amazed that in many drone pictures in the www, even this first small step is omitted…)

A perfect picture captivates with harmony and aesthetics – that’s why we „suppress“ the merciless camera recording with the wit of the human sense of sight!